Šumava 1948: Hike to Freedom


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This 2-day trek across the Šumava and Bavarian Forest National Parks reenacts  the journey thousands of free-minded Czechoslovaks took to leave their homeland after the communist putsch in 1948. You will follow the authentic route used by „the King of Sumava“ Kilian Nowotny, leading on hidden smugglers’ trails across the deep woods and marshes.



  • Hike along quiet, off the beaten path trails across deep forests of the Šumava.
  • Experience Czech history on your own skin
  • Learn about Kilian Nowotny, the “King of Šumava”
  • Sightseeing in Vimperk
  • Visit the source of the Vltava river


Maximum number of participants: 12


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Let your imagination take you 70 years back…


It is the autumn 1948, eight months after the communist putsch in Czechoslovakia. The country is in full speed changing into a vassal state of the Soviet Union. Your negative attitude towards the new regime is well-known and you were already fired from your job. Things are getting worse. You’ve been warned that your arrest is imminent and you should flee the country as soon as possible. A trusted friend connects you with her contact near the border in the Šumava. They will help you to get “over the hills” to the American sector of Germany.


Kilian Nowotny, Sudeten German, himself expelled from his homeland a few years earlier, a fluent Czech speaker, smuggler, and above all, man knowing the Šumava like nobody else, has been recruited by the US Army Intelligence Agency CIC. He walks their agents across the border to Czechoslovakia and political refugees in the opposite direction.


Sign up and become a member of a small group of 8 to 12 hikers which is going to reenact the difficult journey, thousands of free-minded Czechoslovaks, young and old, went through in the first few years of Communism in Czechoslovakia. For the majority of the hike, we are going to follow the authentic route used by Kilian Nowotny, called “Channel 54”.



Medium (Good health and physical fitness is necessary)

In total 30 km of hiking spread over 2 days. Parts of the route will lead on little used paths or off-trail and you will walk in potentially cold and wet autumn weather, carrying all your belongings.




Friday October 6

Meeting in Prague at 17:15, then 2 hours bus ride to the town of Vimperk, the gate to the Sumava.

Check-in into Hotel Zlata Hvezda (we will share rooms for 4), evening walk around the town and dinner


Saturday October 7

After early start, we will check-out from the hotel and take a bus to the hike’s starting point. The plan is to reach Germany by dusk. Overnight stay in Bavaria in a comfortable accommodation. A dinner is available for additional 6€.


Sunday October 8

Hiking in the Bavarian Forest National Park and back to the Czech side of Šumava with a stop at the source of the Vltava river, bus journey back to Prague.

Arrival in Prague at 19:00


What to take with you:

Passport (or ID card if you’re an EU national), sturdy and waterproof hiking shoes, warm yet breathable clothes (merino wool is the best), windproof/waterproof jacket, raincoat, pyjamas/comfortable clothes for sleeping, toiletries.  All the usual comforts like heating, shower, WC and bedding will be provided.



1990 CZK or 1790 CZK with Discovery Pass

The price includes round trip bus tickets, Kilian’s guiding fee and 2 nights B&B/hotel style accommodation in shared rooms with breakfast.


Please print, fill in and sign a tour contract (downloads automatically) Why is that? Learn here


I look forward to hiking with you to emigration!





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