Discovering Prague wouldn’t happen without the support, inspiration and advice of many people. Here, I would like to acknowledge their contribution to the community. They are listed here in the alphabetical order of their first names because they all have been very important for Discovering Prague. And the list is still growing!



Annette Pearson and Bryann Thomas – for organizing the great hike along The Capital Ring of London which became the inspiration for The Hike Around Prague. Special thanks for creating and donating the photo book commemorating the Hike.


Asif Yusuf – for both emotional support and practical advice.


Christopher Lehman of CEELI Institute Prague for hosting an event in the Villa and for showing us around it.


Cristina Communian for her unfaltering enthusiasm and support.


Elena Haramulová – for co-organizing events and infusing them with her passion.


Hana Robinson of Cityski for teaching members of our group to ski for free for the whole day at Klinovec Ski Resort.


Lukáš Zídka of, and other projects, most recently Neurolinguistic Programming Practioner – for taking lovely pictures and creating great videos from our events, and for his moral support.


Michaela Hyklová – the founder and the first organizer of Discovering Prague Meetup group. Without you there would be no Discovering Prague!


Natalia Stepanova – of  “Friends and Adventures” (formerly Trek de Czech) meetup group, passionate hiker, explorer and geocacher for being a great inspiration and for sharing with us the beautiful photos she took during The Hike Around Prague, The Excursion to the Underground Amerika Quarries and more.


Robert Asaftei – a very talented programmer and regular participant of our events – for his mastery in piloting drones and taking breath-taking shots and videos from them.


Ryan Viguerie – the founder of and, teacher, marketer, entrepreneur, and an overall cool guy for his constructive feedback and advice.


Sarah Brooks – for co-organizing events, spreading the word about them and making sure that nobody gets lost in the forest.  Also for proof-reading  the content of this website!


Stephanie Brush – great Improv & Creativity trainer – for being a loyal and enthusiastic participant of our events and for helping to make them better by giving constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Venkatesh “Venky” Sadayapan for introducing us to the wonders of southern Indian cuisine and for being a good friend!


Vítek Slezák and Marek Kurič of the Northern Hikes Tours for showing us magic of the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland in the winter time.

And, of course, a big thank you to everyone attending the events, bringing their friends with them, uploading photos etc. Without you there would be no Discovering Prague!

Last, but not least, thank you all who have been sending me supportive messages – they keep me going!



Filip Novak

The Organizer of Discovering Prague