About Us

We are an English-speaking international community based in Prague, the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. We connect locals, expats and visitors by organizing sporting and cultural events, as well as regular hiking tours. Our motto is “There are no strangers, only friends we haven’t yet met.”

Join us and discover unique places and people!

OUR MISSION is to help expats and locals to make friends, be active and discover together the natural beauty, culture and history of the Czech Republic.




  • Discoveringlearning about the world we are lucky to experience for the brief period of time called “Life”.
  • Growth – growing as people, shattering glass ceilings, overcoming the false beliefs of “I can not do that”.
  • Community – because we can only live a happy life when we feel connected with other human beings.





We are one of the largest and most diverse international community in the Czech Republic (We have over 7000 members in our meetup.com and facebook groups combined, of more than 80 nationalities).


This gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with many interesting people from all walks of life. We have plenty of experience – we have already organized more than 300 events.


Our events are thoroughly planned and we are always discovering new places to visit and activities to try. Our goal is not just to have fun socializing and being active, but also to learn more about the history and culture of the Czech Republic.


Thanks to our diverse activities, there is something for everyone. You are welcome to suggest and co-organize new activities as well! Last but not least, you should join us because of the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of our events.


We are lucky to live in one of the best places in the world, let’s make the most of it!



My name is Filip and I was born and grew up in the beautiful city of Prague. I invite you to join an exciting journey during which we will be discovering together what Prague and the Czech Republic have to offer.


How did I start “Discovering Prague & CZ” and why?


In 2013, while living and working as a pharmacist in London, I had accidentally come across an amazing website – meetup.com. This website provides a platform for people to meet offline around their shared interests.


I started “Epping Forest Cycling Group” meetup group and loved organizing weekend bike rides for my fellow cyclists. It was so much fun and I made many new friends.


Around that same time I started looking for a new career because my pharmacy job had been growing increasingly unfulfilling. When I finally quit the job and moved back to Prague, I did lots of soul-searching to find out what my life is about.


For the time being, I joined a few meetups in Prague, and “Discovering Prague” was one of them. I liked the group and when Michaela, its founder, stepped down from the organizer role, I decided to replace her. That was in April 2015.


Meanwhile, I had “dove off the deep end” and fully dedicated myself to pursuing my main life goal – to get up every day looking forward to going to work! I first worked as a tour guide for a fabulous startup tour company called Northern Hikes (do check them out!) and in spring 2016 started my own travel business – Prague Day Trips (definitely check it out!).


During 2015, and – even more in 2016, Discovering Prague became my job number one. I’ve found that I really love to take people around my hometown and my home country, sharing with them its nature and history.


Another milestone for me was to start this website in February 2017. Then in May of the same year, I obtained a tour operator licence (koncese cestovní kanceláře in Czech). This is required by the Czech law of anyone who wants to organize tours longer 24 hours.


I could have not done all of this without the support of many smart, kind and helpful people. Thank you Guys!




Filip Novák

Main Organizer of Discovering Prague &CZ


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P.S. You will find additional information about Discovering Prague on our FAQ page or contact me directly! I look forward to answering your queries!


Shortly after the fall of the Iron Curtain I moved from Hamburg, where I grew up, to Prague. The city still catches me with her magic. But a big part of my life in this country are my contacts to people from other countries.


Through the sales of medical instruments I got in touch with details of human beings, what  provoked my interest in the function of our brain. How does it work? What makes us go? What makes us happy?


Today for me there is nothing more rewarding than a decent talk with another person. This is the time when I learn and when I grow. And on hikes it works even better. Physical activity opens our mind. Walk and talk is magic. Do not hesitate to follow me on this journey, it is awesome.


Thomas Tietjen

Organizer of Discovering Prague & CZ

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