The Hike Around Prague


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During this series of regular walks, you’ll enjoy Prague’s skyline from all possible angles, admire architecture of all styles and hear stories from all periods of Czech and European history! The goal of this hike is to discover interesting natural and cultural monuments outside of the city center. The whole, 85 km long, orbital path around the city of Prague is divided into 10 separate hikes/walks, ranging from 7-9 km (4.4 to 5.6 miles).


Every Sunday morning at 10 AM, you can join a group of friendly, international people and walk one section of the Hike. Where one part of the Hike ends, another starts and after 10 weeks we will arrive back to the starting point. Everyone who completed at least 50% of the circle will be awarded a memorial certificate!



WHEN: Every Sunday from 10 AM (Starting on August 20th)


WHERE: The meeting point is different for each walk, please read the description below.




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Hello Discoverers!


I would like to invite you for the 2017 edition of the Hike Around Prague! This orbital walk around the outer boundaries of Prague models The Capital Ring of London. The point of this hike is to discover interesting natural and cultural monuments outside of the city center. And believe me, there are many!


During this series of regular walks, you’ll enjoy Prague’s skyline from all possible angles, explore dozens of Prague’s parks and forests, admire architecture of many different styles and hear intriguing stories from the Czech and European history! And, hopefully, make many new friends!


After completing this hike, you will be able to safely say: I know Prague!


The whole, 93 km long loop, is divided into 10 separate hikes/walks, ranging from 7 to 11 km (4.4 to 6.9 miles). It uses both marked and unmarked hiking trails and streets and follows places of interest rather than the shortest route. Each hikes ends close to a good local restaurant for an optional lunch in the company of your fellow hikers!


We’ll meet every Sunday morning at 10:00 am  and walk a section of this ultimate urban hike of the Czech capital!


PRICE: 200 CZK or FREE with Discovery Pass!

Includes the guiding, planning and organization.


Please note: This is an open event with no fixed maximum number of attendees. You CAN just show up on the day without a previous registration on our website. However, if you want to use your Discovery Pass or the Survey discount you have to reserve your place online on this page (even using your smartphone in the morning of the hike). Thank you for understanding and cooperation!



We’re looking forward to discovering Prague with you!




Filip & Sarah





I’d like to give credit to these two excellent websites:

I used them for planning all parts of the Hike. 


I would also like to thank to all local municipal authorities for marking educational trails and fitting them with informational panels. I’ve learnt so much about Prague from them!

Last, but not least, I would like to thank to Klub Českých turistů for marking and maintaining the hiking trails in Prague and the Czech Republic as a whole.


Hike 1 

 Divoka Sarka

Wilderness in Prague


The first part of the Hike covers the oldest and most popular natural reserve within the Prague’s city limits – Divoka Sarka.

You will enjoy a pleasant walk along Sarecky potok (Sarka Creek) through beautiful Natural Reserve Divoka Sarka where you can admire interesting rock formations and forget for a while that we are still in Prague.
The walk is 8,6 km long and ends by the restaurant „Jeneralka“. The restaurant offers a great selection of the classic Czech food at very reasonable prices and it’s only one stop by bus away from metro A Borislavka.

Take good shoes as the walk includes steep and uneven paths.



  • The walk through the gorge of Sarecky potok (Sarka Creek)
  • Great view from Nebusicka vyhlidka
  • (Optional) after-the-hike lunch with your fellow hikers at Restaurace Jeneralka

and more…



DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate (includes steep ascents and uneven terrrain)


MEETING POINT: In front of the McDonald’s restaurant on Evropska street. It is located about 100 metres from the trams’ 20 and 26 terminus “Divoka Sarka” and right by the airport bus 119 stop of the same name.

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Hike 2 

from Jeneralka to the Zoo


The 8.2 km long second part of the Hike will take you from Jeneralka in Prague 6 to the Prague Zoo in Prague 7.

Take good shoes as the walk includes steep and uneven paths.



  • Hanspaulka – traditional neighborhood of family houses with fine villas buit in the functionalism style
  • Beautiful view of Prague from the Baba
  • Crossing the Vltava by a ferry
  • (Optional) after-the-hike lunch with your fellow hikers


You can add a visit to the Zoo after the hike.



DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate (includes a steep ascent and descent and uneven terrain)


MEETING POINT: In front of the metro A Bořislavka, exit “bus Nebusice, Horomerice”

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Hike 3

from the Zoo to the Dablice Cemetery


The third part of the Hike leads from the Zoo to the tram 10 terminus in Dablice. During this hike you’ll visit some of the prettiest natural reserves of the Capital, as well as visit a unique cemetery – the only cemetery in the world built in the Cubism style!



  • Natural Park Drahan-Troja
  • Cimicky haj
  • Dablicky haj
  • Dablice Astronomical Observatory
  • The only cubist cemetery in the world


DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate (includes a steep ascent and uneven terrain)

MEETING POINT: Bus 112 stop “Zoologicka zahrada”. In front of the entrance to the Prague Zoo in Troja.
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Hike 4

 from Dablice to Hloubetin


We’ll continue our walk along quiet back streets of Sidliste Dablice” which is one of the greenest tower housing estates in Prague.


Strizkov & Prosek in Prague 9

After crossing the “magistrala” – Prague’s main trunk road, we’ll enter Prague 9 and the quiet residential neighborhood of Strizkov.  We’ll enjoy a northeastern view of the city below and a path through Prosecke skaly Natural Reserve will bring us to the nicely renovated village square of the Old Prosek.



Following the Prague 9 Educational Trail, we will go downhill to Vysocany.  It used to be a very industrial part of Prague. Factories have been replaced by residential housing and now it is a pleasant part of the city with good facilities and transport links. However, first we’ll have to endure walking through a rather spooky tunnel under the Prague – Vysocany Train Station.

The last few kilometers of the walk, between metro B stations Vysocanska and Hloubetin, will take us along Rokytka, a small tributary of the Vltava.  It is so green and peaceful here. We might see coypus  (nutrias) which dig their burrows in the banks of Rokytka.



The last highlight of the walk will be the neo-gothic Hloubetin Chateau, serving as a private hospital. Interestingly, it was here in 2005, where the first baby-box in the Czech Republic was installed.

As usual, after the hike we’ll go for an optional lunch together.



• Unusual view of Prague from the north-east. Here we can track our progress – the first third of the Hike is behind us!

• Prosecke skaly Natural Reserve

• Old Prosek village

• Subway under the Vysocany Train Station (spooky!)

• Lovely green walk along the Rokytka creek.

• “English” style Hloubetin Chateau


DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate (flat or downhill, but with 10 km one of the longest sections!)


MEETING POINT: On the “Sidliste Dablice” tram 10 terminus in Prague 8
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Hike 5 

 from Hloubetin to Skalka



• Pleasant walk along the meandering river Rokytka in the Natural Park Smetanka

• Malesice woods

• Malesice Park with cool water installations


DIFFICULTY: Easy (8,5 km, mostly flat)

MEETING POINT: Outside of the metro B station Hloubetin by the sculpture (see the pic below). Take the exit “tram Lehovec – Palmovka…”

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Hike 6

 from Strasnice to Roztyly



  • The “Triangle” Lake and Marsh – a surprising piece of wild nature in between three train lines just 20 minutes on foot from the Skalka metro station.
  • Village conservation area “Old Hostivar” with some interesting examples of folk architecture.
  • Lovely green walk along the Meanders of Botic in Hostivar-Zabehlice Natural Park.
  • Sporilov – one of the oldest “garden towns” in Prague


DIFFICULTY: Easy (but includes unpaved and potentially muddy paths!)


MEETING POINT: At tram 5,7 and 13 stop “Zborov – Strasnicke divadlo”.

Take the exit marked ‘Vysocany – Prosek- Petrovice – Spojovaci -… There is an Albert supermarket.
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Hike 7

 from Roztyly to SAPA

Across the forest



• Pleasant walk in the second largest forest in Prague – Kunraticky Wood

• Lovely park of the Kunratice Castle

• Lunch in one of the many restaurants in the SAPA Vietnamese Market Place AKA Little Hanoi. Supposedly one can get here the best Vietnamese food in the whole of Czechia!

• Opportunity for ingredients shopping for the recipes we learnt from Rahila earlier this year.


DIFFICULTY: This is an EASY 9 km long walk, suitable for people who are new to hiking and want to built-up their stamina. We should make it in 2,5 hours with ease. Nevertheless, take good walking shoes, as there are places where the trail is rather rugged.


MEETING POINT: Outside of the metro C station Roztyly
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Hike 8

 from SAPA to Hodkovičky

The Deep South of Prague


This part is the most “hike-like” section of the whole loop. Hilly and leafy, with ponds and reservoirs along the way. Take good shoes and be prepared for mud!



• Natural Reserve Modranska rokle

• Natural reserve Kamyk

• Beautiful villas in Zatisi in Hodkovicky


DIFFICULTY: Easy to Medium (10 km, up and down). Mainly unpaved paths. More hike than walk!


MEETING POINT: Kacerov metro C station. From here we will take a bus to “Sidliste Pisnice” where the hike starts.
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Hike 9

 from Hodkovičky to Nové Butovice



• Crossing Vltava via so called “the Bridge of Intelligentsia

• Once on the other side of the river, we’ll start climbing up to forested slopes called “Chuchelsky haj (Grove)” and stop at the small “Forest zoo“.

• Natural Reserve Prokopske Valley -This deep and narrow valley is one of the prettiest green areas of Prague.


DIFFICULTY: This is an EASY 9 km long walk, suitable for people who are new to hiking and want to built-up their stamina. We should make it in 2,5 hours with ease. Nevertheless, take good walking shoes, as there are places where the trail is rather rugged.


MEETING POINT: At “Černý kůň” tram stop (trams number 3 an 17) in Prague 4 – Branik. It is a request stop (you need to indicate to the tram driver, you want to get off.)
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Hike 10

 from Nové Butovice to Divoká Šárka


The closing part of the Hike.



• Vidoule – one of the last undeveloped table mountains in Prague and one the highest point in the city = view!

• Lovely Park Cibulka and the oldest viewing tower in Prague

• Skalka Natural Reserve (and another interesting viewing point)

• Renaissance Letohradek Hvezda (Summer Palace) situated in Obora Hvezda, former game preserve and now large park in Prague 6.


DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate (includes a steep ascent and uneven terrain)


MEETING POINT: Outside of metro B Nove Butovice, exit Bus – Repy – Jinonice…






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